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even though your a kpop store now, could we still request things that are non kpop like clothes or backpacks?

Yes, of course ^^

Black Dress w/ White Sleeves
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SNSD Member Glowstick

Your Kpop Stall
SNSD Glowstick

Your Kpop Stall
/sobbing/ thank you so much YKPS for everything :’D everything came in great condition, even got some extras xD and my KPOP stuff came super early. One of the most reliable and amazing tumblr shops ^^ please don’t be shy and buy off these two amazing ladies :D 
On another note, Dora and Jess please contact me ;_; I still need help with Order #528
SHINee Member Glowstick

Your Kpop Stall
The links for all this awesome merch doesn't work!!!!! T.T

It should work! :( When you click the link, a popup in the browser should open within a few seconds and the item will show.
Does this happen to anyone else?

Big Bang VIP Ring

Your Kpop Stall
SHINee Glowstick

Your Kpop Stall
Super Junior Glowstick (official)
$9.50Your Kpop Stall
Big Bang Glowstick 2

Your Kpop Stall